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Experience Willow Hill Farm’s High School Horsemanship Program. Students enjoy horseback riding five or more times each week and participate in many other activities in our busy equestrian program such as Eventing, Drill Team, Dressage, and Jumping clinics. Willow Hill Farm’s boarding program offers students a family environment on a working farm, while attending a nearby public or private school.

Willow Hill Farm is located in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. Uniquely situated in the beautiful AuSable River Valley, on 400 acres. A panorama of beauty greets viewers from the porch, stable-yard, or the indoor arena.

Willow Hill Farm is a complete equestrian facility offering boarding, training, lessons, sales and breeding. High School students have the opportunity to live on a working horse farm, seeing first hand the joys and realities of working and living with horses. Foal watch, training young horses, and going to competitions are some of the favorite activities.

Students learn to live and work together while increasing their riding skills. Chores each morning start the day before attending school. They share responsibilities in the household and in the stable. Our program gives students the knowledge to choose their own area of specialty within the world of horses. An integral part of our family life is having meals together twice each day. The importance of completing high school well is stressed.


Horsemanship skills are taught from the very basics to the skills needed to own a horse or get a job in the horse industry. Some of our most relaxed riding has been vaulting lessons, trail riding, and games. Assisting with the training of foals, yearlings, and other young horses has been a popular activity. For those who want to teach riding at a riding school, there are opportunities to observe and assist in teaching. Those who want to ride competitively as a dressage or event rider receive help in their specialty.


Willow Hill Farm specializes in Dressage and Eventing.  We are members of the United States Dressage Federation and the United States Eventing Association. Gerald & Julie Edwards own and operate Willow Hill Farm along with daughter Tara and her husband Fran Bola. The combined family specialties in equine sports and farm management work together to create a well rounded educational experience for our students. Julie competes at the Prix St Georges level in Dressage and is a National Examiner for the United States Pony Club. Tara events at the Advanced Level and is a Pony Club graduate B. Her cross country clinics draw students from all over New England. Another daughter, Tawn, brings campers from her riding school in Georgia and spends half of the summer teaching and riding. Julie, Tara, and Tawn are certified instructors with the American Riding Instructors Association.


Horsemanship students may attend one of two schools:

Ausable Valley High School is located 2 miles from the farm and offers high school and college courses from Clinton Community College. Some of our students have a semester or two of college when they graduate. The student body is small and comfortable with 400 students in 4 grades. Applicants to the horsemanship program must contact AVCS, www.avcs.org, or the guidance counselor at 518-834-2811 for admission requirements. Tuition for students whose parents do not reside in the school district is $1000.

Seton Catholic High School is located in Plattsburgh and is the choice for international students. Seton has a wide array of courses and an excellent ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes as well as advanced placement courses. For more information visit: www.setoncatholic.net. Bus service is provided. Tuition for students attending from the Horsemanship Program is $4500.

Tuition for the High School Horsemanship Program is $10,000. Included in the tuition is room, board, and riding lessons. Not included are sundries, competition entry fees, and spending money.

Willow Hill Farm is home to nearly fifty horses (this number shrinks and swells as horses are born, bought and sold), a roost of chickens, several mouse-chasing cats, three farm dogs, rabbits, and goats.

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“The year I spent at Willow Hill Farm was the best year of my life.”